Corn Productions hit improv-aganza, THE ORIGINAL IMPROV GLADIATORS – SEASON TWENTY-FOUR is back! Teams from all over Chicago-land compete against each other and the revered home team, “The Improv Gladiators” to win the coveted prize of a 4 week run at Cornservatory. Eight teams, five weeks, three judges, and only one winner…the stakes are high, and the jokes are low brow. But—no matter how you slice it—this cross between American Gladiators, American Idol, and Who’s Line is it Anyway? is an exciting and entertaining night of competition, chaos, and comedy.


Corn Productions hosts this improvisational mêlée, offering up their own Artistic Director to emcee the festivities. In round one, teams perform 8 minutes of long-form improv. They are then are evaluated and scored by judges from theater and improv companies all over Chicago including iO, ARFTCo, and Second City as well as special celebrity guest judges. Audience response will also count for a percentage of scoring. In round two, teams will clash with the house pros—The Improv Gladiators—who will dive into the fray with a furious frenzy of improv skills to block the teams from scoring points in your favorite short-form games such as Party Quirks and Story Story Die. Points are accumulated throughout the 5 weeks culminating in a Semi-final round on February 13th and on February 14th the Grand Finale in which with the two top scorers from each night collide in an epic battle. In the end, to the victor goes a free four-week run at Cornservatory.


The stakes are high, the jokes are low-brow, and—when the smoke clears—only one team will be left standing. And—as always—Corn is BYOB. So, holster your beverage of choice and come witness the mayhem at Cornservatory for THE ORIGINAL IMPROV GLADIATORS – SEASON TWENTY – FOUR every Friday and Saturday nights at 8 pm from January 9th through February 14th Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln. Ticket price is $12 and may be purchased online or for reservations call 773-650-1331. For more info about joining the competition, call 773-407-5186 or email