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DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game: Wasted Edition

Do you like to laugh? Do you also like drinking? How about short rhetorical questions? The answer is obvious: DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game Show is back with a whole new round of pee-your-pants funny. For this, our 13th rendition, we’ve gone back to what makes the show such a hit: Getting wasted. Or, in this case, not letting any jokes go to waste. Using our past 13 seasons as a jumping off point, “The Wasted Edition” brings a fresh take on many of our best crowd pleasers, along with some guilty pleasure bits that were just too good to not see the light of stage. So here they are in all of their glory: dusted off, spit shined, or in some cases completely re-hauled to bring you some of the funniest material we’ve created. You bring the booze and we’ll bring the funny. The only thing wasted come night’s end will be you!

DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game: Wasted Edition features intoxicating original, comedic sketches by Corn Productions’ tanked-up team of writers with a new mind-altering drinking game for every sketch. The seven person cast, aided by the luminescent “DRINK!” sign, will guide you through the drunken haze so you can follow along in the fun.

So join us this fall for fall down funny sketch comedy where you will savor every bit and not waste a drop in DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game: Wasted Edition. Saturdays at 11pm from November 7th through January 23rd (No shows November 28th and December 26th), located at Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln Ave. Ticket price $12 and can be purchased at cornservatory.org or reserved by emailing [email protected]

Meet the Production Team:

dickRichard Anderson (Director)

Dick is just happy to still be here.

DANDaniel Polonka (Graphic Design, Ensemble)

Dan is a writer, director, and occasional bad joke teller who has been working on DRINK! since it’s creation. He loves pizza and he develops his characters strictly around the wigs in the Corn basement.

KALLIEKallie Rolison (Sound Designer, Ensemble)

Kallie is very proud to have been a part of all 11+ seasons of DRINK! She is the resident sound designer at Corn, and can also be found directing and writing for Corn’s plethora of sketch shows and comedies. She hates sewing curtains.

SteveSteve Schumacher (Ensemble)

Steve has been performing and writing in DRINK! since its conception in 2013. His world-renowned horse-related humor is the gravy train behind his success.