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DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game: Video Game Edition 

Forget about Super Mushrooms; we’ve got the power-up that you need. Our smash hit DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game returns with another round of sketch comedy that will have you laughing harder than that dog from Duck Hunt. Put down your joystick and level-up with DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game: Video Game Edition.

With over 10 rounds of sketch comedy under our belt, we decided it was time to merge our two favorite pastimes: drinking games and video games. So we’ve put together a retro-inspired ode to all your favorite games, including tributes to Grand Theft Auto, PAC-MAN, first-person shooters, Oregon Trail and more. There may even be a special appearance from a certain Italian plumber…

DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game: Video Game Edition features intoxicatingly original comedic sketches by Corn Productions’ team of talented writers, with a new mind-altering drinking game for every sketch. The seven person cast, aided by our illuminated “DRINK!” sign, will guide you and your friends through our drinking games. We’re rated ‘E’ for Everyone Gets Drunk.

So find some pals, grab a six pack, and don’t you dare forget your Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. It’s time to slide down the warp pipe, BYOB, and get it on like Donkey Kong. DRINK! The Sketch Comedy Drinking Game: Video Game Edition runs every Saturday night at 11 from July 11th through October 3rd at Cornservatory, 4210 N Lincoln Ave. Tickets can be purchased at cornservatory.org or reserved by emailing [email protected]

Meet the Team:

Untitled design (36)Zach Abel (Ensemble)

Zach is a current company member at Corn coming all the way from St. Louis, Missouri. His favorite drinking game is Flip Cup, rivaled by drinking a box of wine at home while watching campy action movies. He’s perfectly okay with that.

dickRichard Anderson (Production Team)

Dick is just happy to still be here.

Untitled design (23)Nifer Honeycutt (Ensemble)

Recently having the honor of playing Mike Ditka in DRINK!: Chicago Edition, Nifer is excited for the opportunity to combine her lifelong loves of drinking and wearing a horse mask.

STACYStacy Kessler (Ensemble)

Stacy likes drinking and puns, and is waiting for science to find a way to allow her to drink puns. She is sometimes in Corn shows, and also sometimes not.

zachZachary Flax (Ensemble)

Zach hasn’t written a bio yet. Poor Zach.

scottScott Lowe (Ensemble)

Scott is from Texas.  He is popping his DRINK! cherry and would like for you to be a part of it.  He wants it to be special so no butt stuff.

DANDaniel Polonka (Production Team)

Dan is a writer, director, and occasional bad joke teller who has been working on DRINK! since it’s creation. He loves pizza and he develops his characters strictly around the wigs in the Corn basement.

KALLIEKallie Rolison (Sound Designer, Production Team, Ensemble)

Kallie is very proud to have been a part of all 11+ seasons of DRINK! She is the resident sound designer at Corn, and can also be found directing and writing for Corn’s plethora of sketch shows and comedies. She hates sewing curtains.

SteveSteve Schumacher (Production Team, Ensemble)

Steve has been performing and writing in DRINK! since its conception in 2013. His world-renowned horse-related humor is the gravy train behind his success.

10403284_806241489021_1994485718034706704_nSeth Wanta (Director, Marketing & Design, Production Team)

Seth is from Wisconsin, so he knows a thing or two about drinking. He’s been producing, directing, and performing sketch comedy since 2011. He has been a part of DRINK! since its birth, and still remembers it’s first steps.