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drinkcardDRINK! Summer Edition!

Cornservatory’s long running, hit BYOB drinking game sketch show, heads into its 15th season celebrating the warm weather by partying on the beach and binge drinking into the hot summer nights.

Throw on your shades and one-piece, because “DRINK! Summer Edition” serves up all things summertime including sketches like Baywatch Chicago, Cubs Night, Bros On Boats, and summer parodies of hit TV shows “DareDevil” and “Sex and the City.”

We’ll provide plenty of sunscreen and laughs while you soak up those boozy UV Vodka rays and fall into the summer daze of “DRINK! Summer Edition.”

In honor of our 15th Season, use the promo code “SEASON15” and receive a 15% discount on tickets for groups of 5 or more!

Dates: Every Saturday until Aug. 6 (excluding May 28 and July 2)
Time: 11 p.m. (ends around 12:15 a.m. – don’t worry, you’ll still have an evening at the bars ahead of you)
Cost: $12 (15% discount wth groups of 5+ with discount code “SEASON15″ at check out)
Best Part: We are BYOB!

Meet the DRINK Team:

dickRichard Anderson (Creator, Production Team)

Dick is just happy to still be here.

DANDaniel Polonka (Head Writer)

Dan is a writer, director, and occasional bad joke teller who has been working on DRINK! since it’s creation. He loves pizza and he develops his characters strictly around the wigs in the Corn basement.

KALLIEKallie Rolison (Sound Designer, Ensemble, Production Team)

Kallie is very proud to have been a part of all 15 seasons of DRINK! She is the resident sound designer at Corn, and can also be found directing and writing for Corn’s plethora of sketch shows and comedies. She hates sewing curtains.

SteveSteve Schumacher (Director, Production Team)

Steve has been a regular performer and writer (and director on occasion) in DRINK! since 2013 – that includes all 15 seasons. His world-renowned horse-related humor is the gravy train behind his success. DRINK! has helped him rise to fame, build his alcohol tolerance, and slowly cultivate a collection of wigs at home he steals from the theater.

Zach AbelZach Abel (Ensemble, Producer, Production Team)

Zach’s occasional humor stems from his love of eccentric characters and ill fitting costumes. He’s happy to be one of the newer members of the production team and of completing his first full year of being a cast member in DRINK!

Andrew CanadaAndrew Canada (Ensemble)

Andrew is excited to be back working on DRINK! after a brief 3 year hiatus. He enjoys thick books, visually stimulating television, and ellipses.

flaxZach Flax (Ensemble)

After one year away, Zach is back for another summer of DRINK!. He hopes to keep his shirt on for most of this season.

brian goreBrian Gore (Ensemble)

Brian is happy to be in his second season of DRINK! He’s done a lot of performing and directing around town, but he’d rather have you know he loves super spicy food, horror movies, and Belgium beers. This is a picture of ice cream and not Brian. Brian is not ice cream.

kimKim Grossman (Ensemble)

Kim is making her DRINK! debut after a flurry of sketch and non-sketch comedy shows at Corn. She really likes dressing as a shark.

NiferNifer Honeycutt (Ensemble)

Nifer enjoys Magic the Gathering, breaks in the CPS school calendar, and making props cut out of cardboard and foamcore.

stacyStacy Kessler (Ensemble, Production Team)

Professor Stacy has been a part of DRINK! since it’s early beginnings while being smart enough to take time away from the show to keep her sanity. She’s now an official member of the DRINK! Production Team and has been a contributing writer for nearly three years.

keyannaKeyanna Khatiblou (Ensemble)

Keyanna is making her DRINK! debut after performing in other Corn sketch shows such as Happy Holly-daze and Off the Paddy Wagon. She loves scenes where people throw up.

rossRoss Christian (Stage Manager)

Ross is back yet again to save the show with his immense theater talents as Stage Manager.

JodiJodi McGrath (Production Team)

Your Mom.

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