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Silence! The Musical Premiers July 8th

silence-two-editIn just over two weeks, Corn Productions opens the Chicago premiere of Silence! The Musical, the unauthorized musical parody of The Silence of the Lambs. And we are chomping at the bit…as it were. In order to celebrate the opening, the co-directors (Corn Company member Derik Iverson and Corn Artistic Director Robert Bouwman) sat down to have a chat about the show and film.

ROBERT (Director): Hey Derik, so do you want to start or me?

DERIK (Director): You start!

R: Ok, would you consider yourself a Clarice, Bill, Catherine or Hannibal…and why?

D: Hmmmmm… This is already getting really deep! I think I’d consider myself a Catherine. I’d totally handle myself just like her under grim circumstances. You’ll see me cowering in a corner scream-crying “MISTER, PLEAAAAASE!” But I’ll still adopt the dog in the end.

D: What was it that drew you to Silence! The Musical?

R: I have made a mini life of musical parodies, and Silence of the Lambs was a big influence on me. It’s the movie I go to again and again. One of my few “birthday movies” (the ones I make people watch with me on my birthday) … So I guess the two went hand in hand for me, even before I read the script or heard the music, I only wish I’d thought of it! Todd, my writing partner, and I WERE thinking of Flightplan: The Musical though…


R: That’s a for real idea!!

D: Great idea! But gross!

R: Pick the scariest moment in the movie for you and how it translates to the stage…

D: The scariest moment in the movie is when the FBI shows up at the wrong house, and Clarice is left alone at Buffalo Bill’s lair. The moment when the doorbell rings, but it cuts to Clarice at Bill’s, and the FBI raid an abandoned home… is like a shot of pure dread. On stage, that moment is given a deliciously stupid spoof a la ‘Book of Mormon’ with a rudimentary, militaristic, peppy chorus boy number. It’s one of my favorite scenes in the show!

R: That scene made people mad when it first came out.
D: Really? How so??

R: People felt like it was a cheat… like critics and stuff… people were just pissed they had been had.

D: I LOVE being had. Why do you think Corn Productions HAD to do the Chicago premiere of this show?

R: I think this is the stuff we do at Corn… And the “poor theater” esthetic is really what we are. Our audiences will like it too!!

D: Is there anything about the show that sets it apart from Corn’s typical style?

R: I think it’s pretty musical. We have done musicals before, but this one is more like 50% music.

D: Actually closer to 66% sung and danced!

R: At least the actors will drop a few pounds!

D: Ha! Some of my favorite rehearsal moments are when we get done doing a big dance number and the actors stand there breathing heavily and say, “Let’s do it again!”

R: Yes, that happens a lot… a very dedicated cast. Again, a Corn trademark!!

D: Describe the perfect audience member for a show like “Silence!”

R: Drunk…

D: LOL…but who do you think this show is perfect for?

R: I mean, I think if you’ve seen the source material, you will always appreciate the parody more… but I think this is a fun show regardless. I think if you like to mix horror and comedy, then this is the ticket for you!

D: True, I also think that since the show pokes fun at the art of theatre in general, both theatre lovers and those new to theatre will get a kick out of it as well!

R: Agreed, and poking fun at the art of theater is such a part of what Corn and I have been doing for 25 years. I hardly notice it anymore.

So grab a nice Chianti and enjoy the comedy delicacies on the menu at Cornservatory as Corn Productions presents Silence! The Musical running Wednesday through Saturday evenings at 8pm, July 8th through August 13th. Ticket price on Wednesdays and Thursdays $10, and Fridays $15 and Saturdays $20. Tickets can be purchased here and reserved by emailing [email protected].

Soak Up the Sun (and Booze) at DRINK! Summer Edition

drinkcardFinally…WINTER IS OVER! And at Corn Productions, we’ve already broke out the cargo shorts and flip-flops – because DRINK! Summer Edition is here to heat things up starting this Saturday, May 21 at 11 p.m.!

DRINK! is back with a new cast and new sketches celebrating all things summer. From Baywatch Chicago to Bros on Boats – DRINK! Summer Edition is ready to help you catch some tasty waves and chug some less tasty lite beer. Each scene has its own riotous drinking game guided by our luminescent “DRINK!” sign.

Throw on your shades, grab a 6-pack and head on over to DRINK! Summer Edition! where we are always BYOB.

Looking for a sweet summer discount? In honor of DRINK!’s 15th season, use the promo code “SEASON15” at the checkout for groups of 5 + for a 15% discount!

The Review are in – “Spider Man: The Musical: The Musical” is a HIT!

Corn Productions’s main stage play “Spider Man: The Musical: The Musical!” has been RECOMMENDED by Chicago Stage Standard – 3/4 STARS!

Spider man The Musical The Musical

“The entire ensemble manages to exemplify commitment to character work and a knack for comedic timing. Choreographer (and sidesplittingly daft secretary, Janet) Lindi Blake Jones’ moves and director Kallie Rolison’s staging are a perfect match to set up a rip-roaringly good time.”

“Corn Productions has put together an astounding team, both cast and crew, […] this talented team is clearly enthusiastic and passionate about the work they have done.”

“Couple that with the company’s BYOB policy and you’re bound to have a night that falls somewhere along the spectrum of ‘WTF is happening?’ to ‘This is f*cking awesome!'”


You still can grab tickets to catch all the laughs and high-flying action – the show runs Wednesdays-Saturdays until May 28th!


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